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  • Benefits of Water Exercise

    When you think of water exercise you most likely imagine a pool full of octogenarians moving around very slowly. While water exercise is very beneficial to older people, it actually offers tremendous benefits to people of all ages!

    What is Water Exercise Exactly?

    As the name suggests, water exercise, also often referred to as water aerobics, is a fitness activity done completely in the water. Water exercise is typically done in a swimming pool where the water is between four to five feet deep and the temperature is between 82 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You might be surprised at the variety of exercises you can perform in the water. For instance, there is something called aqua-cycle, which is like a spin class where the bike is underwater. This is a great for people with knee problems.

    There is also aqua-step, which uses an underwater step to help people develop their lower body and cardiovascular health – and aqua-Zumba, which has people performing the fun Zumba dance moves in water.

    And of course there is aqua-yoga and aqua-boxing and other fun-filled water exercises.

    Benefits of Water Exercise

    Let’s dive into the main benefits of water exercise:

    More Resistance

    Because water has more density than air, it provides greater resistance to your movements. And that means you have to work even harder!

    No Impact

    Movement in water is gentle and has no impact, therefor it is great for people with injuries, arthritis, or who are just getting started with an exercise plan.

    Offers Relief from Chronic Pain

    One of the biggest benefits of water exercise is the pain relief that comes from gentle water waves constantly massaging your muscles. Working against the water’s resistance helps individuals reduce stiffness and soreness. People have reported relief from knee and hip pain and the pain of pregnancy.

    If you’ve been wanting to start an exercise plan but have joint pain or flexibility or instability issues, we definitely recommend you check out water exercises.